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By Carla Prada Akers
Owner and Founder

Ok, so you make all natural soap, you may ask. It looks pretty, and smells really good, but you may 
wonder why do you need to use it anyway? Dial, Dove, etc make soap and it's cheap and easliy available. 
You've been using it for years. Why change now? Does it really matter?

Our Skin Is Our Largest Organ

At an average of 22 square feet, and around 8 pounds, our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is our insulator, 
our protective barrier, our temperature regulator. It keeps us from evaporating away, and is our first defense against 
chemical invasion and sun exposure. It keeps infection from entering our system directly, as it holds the rest of us
 together. It takes trauma and repairs itself, as if by magic. It also senses the world around us, and provides us 
endless information. It also pushes toxins out of our bodies and helps to keep the lymph system cleansed.

It's one of the most overlooked organs in the body. If we are truly guarding our health, we really want to keep it in 
the best condition possible. As athletes (CrossFitters, Hikers, Runners, etc) we spend so much time eating right, 
supplementing our bodies with protein shakes, amino acids, and fish oil, we sometimes fail to realize the importance 
of treating our skin the same way. I was guilty. Are you?

Natural Soap vs. Commercial

So why isn't commercial soap good enough? Commercial soaps are just that: commercial. They are designed with ingredients to "get the job done" but with the least expensive investment on the part of the producer. Whatever is the cheapest stuff, in the cheapest combination, that will bring the highest return: there's what's in it. Never mind what it can do to YOU, the consumers over the long run from long term exposure to chemicals. That's just Corporate America.

I always say that the day I walked out of Corporate America was one of the best days of my life, and I mean it. I call the shots now, and I left Corporate America, and its ways, behind because I wanted to make a better product for us all to use. One that cares about the quality of ingredients, one that gives back to the community, one that uses recycled packaging materials and recycles all possible materials from production, one that uses manual labor instead of electricity whenever possible, one that treats its employees fairly with respect, and one that actually helps to improve the health of its users. 
Why We Use Food Grade Oils

Our soap only uses all natural, food grade ingredients, things that we could actually eat. Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Oats, Honey, Herbs, only natural essential oils, and all natural colorants. Do you want to eat this soap? Well NO! But some of it, especially our Campground Coffee Bean soap, certainly looks good enough to eat!

Many commercial soaps include surfactants (a chemical that will produce a lathering effect, yeah, a chemical!) that makes bubbles but strips your skin of nourishment and oils. You "feel" clean, but you just robbed your largest organ of a protective layer of oils that we actually need. This can then open your skin up to a host of issues: sensitivity, rashes, breakouts, dry skin, etc. Yikes!

Our soaps have no surfactants, no chemicals added to get them to perform. Because we use the best stuff to begin with, our soap just does what it is supposed to do. It smells great, it gets you clean, and it nourishes your skin with beneficial ingredients.
Doesn't All Natural Always Mean All Natural?

Don't be fooled! Some "all natural" soap companies out there also make all natural products but, like corporate America, use the lowest cost oils available, such as cosmetic grade or pommace grade oils. The main problem with this is that these oils are extracted from the absolute last possible pressing of the fruit and many times a chemical is utilized to pull this out. Remnants of this chemical remain in the product. 
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